Miracle in the Park

There was definitely an evil spirit at work in the park this morning. Two men were threatening bodily harm to one another. They had an ongoing conflict and, when they met up at the breakfast table this morning, they immediately started yelling at one another. This was another rainy Thursday and they were standing right by where we were serving. One park friend helped move them down the sidewalk a bit, but they were bent on violence. One of the men pulled out two knives, which was terrifying. Three of our volunteers were audibly praying Jesus’ name. After repeatedly asking him to put away the knives and asking them both to separate, they did. The miracle of this situation is that they both came back and apologized to us for their behavior. Neither was repentant about their feelings for the other, but it was astounding that they acknowledged us in this way. The man who pulled out the knives told us in tears about all he has lost and how hopeless he feels. We were able to pray for him and ask the Lord to be evident in his life. We also pray the same for the other man. This is only one of maybe three times that we’ve experienced this type of volatile situation in the park in the decade we’ve been serving Thursday breakfasts. Pray that the light of Christ shines brightly in the park and that our friends will be kept from harm. May the Lord be near.